Our API Prestashop and Magento

The translation module offered by Milega is adapted for Prestashop and Magento content.

The main functions of these APIs include:

– Automatic extraction of content for translation (product sheets, CMS pages, news, etc) in XML format, meaning our professional and native translators can work directly in this format.
– Automatic insertion of the translations provided by our agency into the back office.
– Automatic detection of website updates and new product sheets, and extraction for translation (cron task).

This significantly reduces and optimizes the flow of technical work.


Our API module is also compatible with the Magento e-commerce platform. In addition to offering a tailored automating service, it also allows the extracting of content and inserting of translations from our professional translators.
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To request a quote for your Prestashop or Magento website, we need to analyze your website’s content. To achieve this, you’ll need to install our specific API that allow you to automatically and safely send content, as well as insert translations.

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