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Are you in the e-commerce or e-tourism sectors? Milega is the only professional translation agency that focuses entirely on e-commerce and e-tourism websites.

Your e-commerce or e-tourism website is the main source of conversion for your business. You need it to reassure your visitors and create a sense of proximity. Milega stacks the odds in your favor.

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Milega, much more than a translation agency

We understand the challenges of e-commerce and e-tourism. That’s why we offer a team of project managers, experts and translators capable of much more than simple translation.

We draw on our extensive expertise in professional translation, especially in e-commerce and e-tourism, to benefit your business. Working in over 45 languages, we offer ideal solutions to internationalize your website and gain the trust of your foreign targets.

E-commerce translation

We know that e-commerce and e-tourism sectors are booming, but they are also highly competitive. That’s why we do everything to make your business stand out. We offer flawless e-commerce translation services to make your business an international success.


E-tourism translation

Your e-tourism website is aimed at an international audience. By its very nature, it needs to be multilingual to expand. To achieve great results, we will adapt your marketing material to the cultural, linguistic, political and social characteristics of your target markets.


«Giving your users a good experience and gaining their trust is the key to success for your e-commerce or e-tourism website. With Milega, your clients are here to stay!»

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