Our Method

For serious e-commerce or e-tourism players, professional translation is crucial to internationalize your business.

Our method for professional translation

Milega combines the quality standards of a traditional translation agency with the expertise of a web content agency and the efficiency of web design tools.

To offer you the best translation quality, our work is based on a strict method.

  1. We rigorously analyze and prepare your project:
  • Comprehensive analysis. We target your specific needs.
  • Relevant preparation. We lay down the adequate terminology and develop a natural referencing (SEO) strategy.
  1. We check technical aspects of your project:
  • Efficient tools. We have an efficient content extraction technique and verify the integration of your translations.
  • Clever solutions. We use automatic identification solutions as well as updating tools.
  • Optimized content. We configure translation memories to ensure the optimal coherence across all your content.
  1. We translate and optimize your content:
  • Certified translators. We select the appropriate translating team for your project.
  • Authentic content. We guarantee a result conveying the unaltered original message, regardless of the language.
  • Optimized translations. We develop content optimized for search engine rankings (SEO) for maximum web visibility.


has the Pro Certified quality label

We guarantee that our translators:

  • Hold a degree in translation (MA)
  • Translate into their native language
  • Have significant experience in your sector
  1. Our advantages: we support and follow-up on your project
  • Long-term support. We offer long-term support for your projects, in French or any other language.
  • Translations whenever you need them. We handle the translation of your new content and product sheets.
  • Custom follow-up. We offer adapted follow-up and top-speed high-quality service.

Our method means we can deliver high-end service. We are proud of this result and working hard to keep improving your translating experience.

«Milega optimizes your e-commerce website to conquer new markets at an unbeatable price.»