Berlin like a local is a tourism agency founded in 2016 that offers guided tours as well as smartphone tours of the city of Berlin. The start-up contacted us for the translation of its WordPress website and its mobile app from English into German.

E-tourism translation of a WordPress website and a mobile app - Milega Agency


The Berlin like a local translation project

The Berlin like a local website is a small website (about 15,000 words) created via WordPress. In addition to its website, Berlin like a local has a mobile app for Apple devices that allows customers to organize their own tour with their smartphone as a guide.

Milega’s translators specializing in the e-tourism sector took over, early in 2018, the translation of all the website content as well as the Berlin like a local app from English into German.

Translating a WordPress website

Berlin like a local uses the WPML translation plugin to translate its WordPress website. WPML enables the website owner to export the contents of their site in .xliff format. The client asked us to translate the export of their site in .xliff as well as some additional .html links.

Milega took responsibility for the translation of the website content into German as well as its reintegration into WordPress by directly accessing the back office of the customer.

WordPress Logo


The translation of an iOS mobile app

Regarding Berolinapp, the Berlin like a local iOS mobile app, the content was extracted in .xliff format and a specific filter had to be created by our technical team before proceeding with the translation in order to make the files to be translated compatible with our CAT software.

Once the files were translated, our technical team converted them back to the format originally used by the client before final delivery of the translation.

SEO research of keywords

Our teams of translators specializing in optimized SEO translation have searched for keywords upstream of the translation, for certain terms that are repeated on several pages of the Berlin like a local website. Several relevant translations have been proposed for the same term, and then spread over different pages to expand the number of potential customers reached.

The preliminary keyword search work helps to improve the website’s visibility in search engines used by Internet users in the target country, in this case, Germany.

What the client said

We are entirely satisfied with the services and procedures provided. Any problems I had in terms of formatting etc. were addressed by the Milega team. As were any questions or doubts treated before the translation. I would not hesitate to recommend this agency.
Eric Quatreville, CEO and Founder at Berlin like a local

Milega is responsible for the translation of our web pages and our iOS application from English into German. Excellent service and communication. I can only recommend them.
Alice Poulaillon, CTO and Founder at Berlin like a local

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