Ceetiz is an international platform for booking cultural, sports and recreational activities all over the world, so that its customers can choose holiday activities that suit their interests, budget and schedule. We take a closer look at our multilingual translation of their website.

Traduction du site internet Ceetiz

Instructions and style guide : translating with the client’s preferences in mind

Our collaboration with Ceetiz mainly involved the translation of their website from French to English, as well as some elements of the CMS into other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian).

At the beginning of the project, the client provided us with various instructions, so that we could offer an optimized, tailor-made translation – instructions regarding terminology, spelling, date and time format, numbers, prices, book, film and other names, capital letters, tone, terms to avoid and terms to use, etc.

Furthermore, our team of anglophone translators had to use British spelling but, for style reasons, some American terms were requested, which the client provided in a list:

  • parking lot – not car park
  • movie – not film
  • elevator – not lift
  • cell phone – not mobile phone
  • backpack – not rucksack
  • etc.

p>The detailed style guide was modified as the project went on, which required translators to update their translation memories and glossaries to harmonize the already-translated content.

Site e-tourisme Ceetiz

An e-tourism translation has to sell

The main aim of the Ceetiz website is to sell. To achieve this goal on international markets, translators need good marketing sense.

When translating, to tempt the customer to buy, you sometimes need to step away from the original text and use some localized idiomatic expressions.

For a marketing-style translation to be successful, the target text needs to be fluent and natural, so that potential customers feel like they are browsing a website from their own country. This is the key to creating trust with your customers and ensuring a high conversion rate.

Our solutions

A dedicated project manager team that spoke the client’s language was put in place for the duration of the project, once our quote was accepted.

Our anglophone translators created a glossary, which was first sent to the client for validation, then updated as the project went on. Regular conferences were organized with Ceetiz’s anglophone head of marketing, in order to discuss terminology and other requirements.

The collaboration lasted several years, over which the client regularly sent both large projects (mainly into English) and shorter content

« We trust in Milega for our e-tourism translation needs. Our sector has specific needs in terms of terminology, reactivity and SEO, all of which Milega has fulfilled perfectly. »

Damien Bellon, COO & Co Founder of Ceetiz

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