ShopRunBack is a French start-up, launched in 2014, that specialises in managing product returns in the e-commerce sector. The ShopRunBack team turned to us for urgent translations into several languages. We take a closer look at this collaboration.

Traduction urgente multilingue

The ShopRunBack case

The ShopRunBack solution is present in more than 20 countries all over the world and offers benefits both to e-commerce platforms and to its customers. ShopRunBack requested Milega’s services to translate short but urgent content into several languages.

Short but urgent translations

The translations requested by ShopRunBack were mainly of items in its back office, meaning the fixed parts of its website, but also some front office elements and customer emails. There was little content, just single words or short sentences, so there was not a lot of work involved. However, all of ShopRunBack’s requests were urgent; they had to be completed within 24 hours.

Traduction multilingue Chinois-Anglais | Milega

Example of translations for ShopRunBack

Urgent translation projects can be challenging. Firstly, translators must be able to produce quality translations under very tight deadlines. Secondly, the project managers must manage the translation team and handover of the project in record time.

Putting together a multilingual translation team

The ShopRunBack translation project consisted of a series of translations from English into Mandarin, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as some content from French into English.

We therefore had to put together a team of 6 translators in record time, given the tight deadlines required by the client. To do this, our project managers ensured the efficient, quick organisation of a translation team, made up of in-house and freelance translators, depending on availability.

So, the translations into Spanish, French and English were carried out in house, whereas the Chinese, German and Italian ones were completed by freelance translators from our professional network.

Transifex: an online translation platform

The client needed us to translate the content directly on Transifex, a platform where all languages can be grouped together on just one page. This way, ShopRunBack could receive all the finished translations quickly and at the same time.

Platforms like Transifex can be a real help with urgent projects, as they remove several steps from a conventional translation project (extracting content, creating translatable files, sending files to translators, creating a project on a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, sending final files to the client, etc.).

The translation platform Transifex | Milega Translation Agency

The Transifex platform we used for ShopRunBack translations

However, translating directly on this kind of platform means that the content to be translated cannot be analysed, nor can a translation memory be created. This means that the client will be charged for repeated content, which is not the case with standard translations.

Translation memories are highly valuable for long-term collaborations, as translators can access already translated content in order to produce consistent, harmonised translations.

ShopRunBack has been collaborating with Milega for a few years now, and we really appreciate the team’s reactivity with our requests, whether it’s for a few words to add to our front office or more significant translations, like our customer emails.
We also appreciate Milega’s professionalism in meeting deadlines, the quality of the translations and the reasonable translation costs.
Milega enables us to respond to our customers’ needs and roll out our solutions into other languages in a short period of time, thus reaching new markets.

Emmanuel Kowalski, Supply Chain Manager at ShopRunBack

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