The only way to establish your business successfully on international markets is through a professional translation. If your site content does not read fluently in your target market’s language, you cannot create a sense of trust with your potential customers. Find out how to deal with translation errors in your content.

Corriger les erreurs de traduction

The importance of a good, professional translation

The days when online shops talked to all their customers in English are over. Today, if you aspire to achieve a high conversion rate on your international markets, you must communicate with your customers in their native language.

That’s where the importance of a good translation comes in. A bad translation could be costly and affect your reputation, customer relations and goals.

But how can you avoid this pitfall when you don’t speak a word of German, Italian or Spanish? The answer is simple: by trusting in professional translation specialists who are native speakers of the language into which they translate.

Avoid machine translation systems at all costs: they cannot achieve the same results as a human translator would, and the poor quality of the final text will put your customers off.

For your professional translation, you can choose between a translation agency or a freelance translator. It all depends on your project and needs. If you need a multilingual website translation, the most efficient and cheapest option is probably a translation agency, as they have the resources to manage your translations into several languages in a short time.

Dealing with translation errors

But what should I do if there are already translation errors on my site? Is it too late?

If you are lucky, the error is minor and a slight modification will solve the problem. However, there are some translation errors that can reduce your conversion rate and damage your brand reputation. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon when websites are translated automatically, using a machine translation engine.

If this is the case for yours, don’t panic! Think of a plan of action, acknowledge the issue and make sure all future content is translated perfectly! The key is to be honest and transparent. Don’t hesitate to admit your mistake: visitors to your website will appreciate it.

It is never too late to steer things back onto the right course; change strategy and breathe new life into your website with a professional translation.

Milega can guarantee you a high-quality translation, thanks to our qualified, specialist translators.

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