Effectively using AI for accurate, contextual translations

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence in translation

The translation field has evolved in response to the development of artificial intelligence. This technology is transforming the way we approach translation and localization, particularly when it comes to digital content.

Although AI opens up new horizons, it doesn’t replace the human professional, who can offer customers a personalized result tailored to their target audience. Milega’s mission is, therefore, to harness the very best that both AI and human translators have to offer.

The advantages of working with Milega’s AI solutions

At our translation agency, we use AI-based solutions to transform your content and internationalize your business. These solutions focus on the following areas:

  • Semantic analysis of your sector: our AI delves into the terminology and context of your specific business area in order to produce the most accurate and faithful translation possible.
  • SEO keyword research: we identify keywords in your target languages to optimize your website’s SEO and its visibility on the Internet.
  • Correction and quality control: AI helps translators reduce errors, ensure consistency and improve overall accuracy.

We also alter AI-generated content by:

  • Creating intelligent prompts: if you’re using generative AI as part of your customer service, we can help you provide visitors with engaging and intuitive natural language responses.
  • Rewriting texts processed by Neural Machine Translation: we make AI-generated translations sound more fluid and natural, and we also check that the content meets your expectations

You won’t believe the things you could achieve

by combining AI with Milega’s expertise. For more information, just get in touch!