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tailor-made language services

What kind of translation are you looking for?

Multilingual & Seo

E-commerce & Website

E-tourism translation

Establish your business abroad

Our linguistic and marketing expertise can help you to establish yourself internationally in booming industries.

Increase your conversion rate

Consumers are five times more likely to buy from a site available in their native language.

Perfect your SEO

We offer optimized translations, so that your site is well-positioned in search engines internationally.

Automate your work flows

Our specific (PrestaShop, Magento, e-pages) and generic APIs can export content and import translations automatically.

Our translation agency

When do clients come to us?

  • When managing their translations in house has become a real headache, a source of tension, a cause of upload delays and the root of quality problems.
  • When it’s hard to find translators with a SEO approach who are familiar with various CMS and formats.
  • When they are looking for a reliable multilingual translation partner and readily available, whether for an urgent, short blog translation or a 200,000-word website.


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Our clients

Agile collaboration and quality work in many different formats. We are thrilled by this collaboration.

Sophie David
International Director

Milega's team understood our business challenges and quickly adapted to them. We had a seamless collaboration with an outcome that perfectly matched our expectations.

Eric Sabine
E-Commerce director

It's always a pleasure to work with Milega: a responsive team, interesting rates and high quality translations!

Louise Bonnard
Product Content Manager

When outsourcing our translation services I realised the amount of time I could save in order to focus on the essential duties of my profession.

Cindy Deguingand
International Marketing Manager

Milega managed to meet our expectations in terms of translation, organisation and reactivity.

Idoya Grzimek
Marketing executive

Milega provided valued assistance in translating our web site into 17 languages. I was impressed by their responsiveness and by the quality of their services.

Nathaniel Belmin
Marketing Manager


Our news and translation tips

SEO translation: what is involved?

In this article, we will take a look at the steps a website translation agency takes when providing a SEO translation. But before we focus on the details, let’s start by establishing what we mean by natural referencing or SEO.

How can Bard, Google’s AI tool, help to translate websites?

Not to be outdone by ChatGPT, in its annual conference for developers last May, Google launched Bard: its AI-assisted chatbot, made available in Europe in July. It offers similar features to ChatGPT and is based on the LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) model developed by one of its expert teams.

GPT translation: Google risks and penalties

The new ChatGPT conversational model, developed by OpenAI, has quickly become a web necessity. The prototype’s capabilities are simply immense. You can ask ChatGPT almost anything and the programme will answer you almost immediately. […]

Our team

Quality guaranteed with Milega

For many people, a bilingual person or an automatic translation engine is enough to translate a website or document. This is not true! Translation is a profession. Milega guarantees native translators, who are qualified in translation and specialised in their chosen fields.


For each translation project, a team of professionals who are native speakers of the target language will be available to help you to share your message on new markets. We offer made-to-measure, professional translations. Contact us now for a free quote.