Optimizing your Shopify store for multilingual markets

The importance of a specialist translation

Are you looking to expand your business into another country? Then your website needs to be available in your prospective client’s language. Language quality is a vital part of successful business growth, and spelling mistakes, incorrect terminology and misunderstandings can all prevent you from earning your client’s trust. With our translation agency, you won’t receive impersonal, automatic translations. You’ll be working with native translators specialized in digital content who will consider SEO and respect your brand spirit.

Integration and localization with LangShop

Quick integration of translated texts, good online visibility and formal adaptation of content to ensure it’s specifically aimed at your target audience will positively impact your Shopify store’s success. LangShop helps you achieve all of this.

The LangShop app allows you to:

  • Easily import texts to translate and export those translated by Milega, and you don’t need any knowledge of web development or coding to do it!
  • Standardize content in Shopify.
  • Translate SEO-related elements to be indexed on Google.
  • Localize your site to increase conversions by up to 70%.
  • Display target-country currencies with up-to-date exchange rates.

Together, Milega and LangShop offer everything you need for the perfect Shopify translation

Give your website an international edge with Milega and LangShop. We provide meticulously translated texts which are perfectly adapted to your target audience, while LangShop provides speedy integration and localization services.

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