Impact and metrics

Discover how our multilingual translation and localization solutions can transform your business, from significantly increasing web traffic and conversion rates to reducing translation times and customer support costs.

Our various multi-sector client case studies prove how we can generate a real return on investment. With us, every multilingual project is a strategic investment that will boost your international growth and success.

  • Sales Growth (20-40% on average)
    Gobi saw a significant increase in sales after launching its website in 17 languages simultaneously.

  • Reduced Translation Times (50% on average)
    Trenitalia more than halved translation times for urgent Technical Standards documents.

  • Improved SEO Rankings (50-100% on average)
    Marie Claire improved its SEO ranking thanks to the SEO translation of 40 monthly blog articles into 4 languages.

  • Reduced Customer Support Costs (20-40% on average)
    Audilo reduced its customer support requests by localizing its website with over 800 product references in over 6 languages.

  • Increased Website Traffic (50-100% on average)
    Alltricks saw its website traffic increase significantly after translating its site into several languages.

  • Improved Conversion Rate (20-70% on average)
    Ceetiz saw a substantial increase in its conversion rate thanks to the implementation of tailor-made translations.

  • Reduced Bounce Rate (30-50% on average)
    A l’Olivier benefited from a reduced bounce rate after localizing their Prestashop site in neutral English (intended for the whole of Europe).

  • User Engagement (30-60% on average)
    Nosto increased its user engagement by localizing site pages and white papers on WordPress.

  • Client Base Expansion (20-50% on average)
    Bip and Go expanded its customer base by making its website and marketing material accessible in multiple languages.

  • Improved Brand Reputation
    CroisiEurope improved its brand perception through faultless, engaging translations of its cruise descriptions.

  • ROI (5-25 euros for every euro invested on average)
    Smallable achieved a significant return on investment by localizing its e-commerce site in 5 languages.

We have been working with Milega for almost a year. Their work ethics and professionalism what attracted us from the beginning and still is one of our reliable partners until today Unenbat Chuluunbat

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Our team uses specialist translation software and translation memories. These tools can cut your translation costs by 50% (since there’s no charge for repetitions) while increasing productivity and quality. What’s more, we can translate in any format: IDML, PDF, XML, PPT, HTML, etc.

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