Do you need to translate a website or e-commerce site? Are you thinking of entrusting a translation to a translator without much knowledge of your topic? If your website deals with a very specific subject, you should certainly think twice!
Indeed, an uninitiated translator trying to translate a technical site will not be able to transcribe the wealth of information contained within the initial content. It’s crucial to hire a specialised translator to ensure a high-quality translation.

specialised translators

If you have a site which deals with technical subjects such as surgery, aeronautics, the goldsmith’s trade, haute couture, wine, gastronomy, construction or computer security, it’s near impossible for a novice to translate your text content correctly.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why you should not hire a novice translator, but also why and how to hire a translator specialised in your subject matter.

Why choose a specialised translator to translate a technical subject matter?

Although the translator you have chosen may be excellent when it comes to general translation, this is unlikely to be the case if they are trying to translate a specialised site. Indeed, this type of site requires a language ability that some natives do not have. You can’t talk about oenology or nuclear safety just because French is your native language.

In fact, the text of an amateur is poor in terms of technical vocabulary. If your original text uses rich and specific vocabulary, you should be looking to obtain the same result in the target language. Conversely, if you have your site translated by someone without technical knowledge, your site will lose its density in terms of technical vocabulary. Consequently, your site will lose credibility and seriousness.

Professionals in your industry need reassurance when they visit your site. As specialists, they expect to see accurate technical vocabulary, which allows them to find the information they need, whether in terms of product information or general technical information.

To provide quality service to your visitors, preserve your credibility and maximise conversions, use the services of a translator who is competent in your field!

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How to find a translator specialising in your field?

There are several methods to find a translator specialised in a specific sector.

Translation agencies

The most reliable solution to make your translation project a success is to use a translation agency. Indeed, translation agency teams are made up of many different translators. Not only will you be able to have your technical site translated with ease, but you’ll probably also be able to have it translated into several languages ​​for a competitive price and within a short turnaround time.

Translation agencies offer you a high-quality and affordable service. Most translators are paid by word. However, you should know that a freelance translator invoices all words contained within the source text (original text). Conversely, many translation agencies, such as Milega, only charge for new words. That means that if the same word is repeated several times, it is only billed once.

This commercial gesture is made possible by the use of CAT tools (translation tools). Due to their cost, these tools are rarely used by freelance translators. CAT tools give translation agencies the possibility to reduce your translation costs, but also to offer you a quality translation, in a relatively short amount of time. Finally, most translation agencies are able to provide you with a translation service that takes SEO optimisation into account. Prioritising SEO on search engines will make your site visible!

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Freelance specialised translators

To translate a website, you can also use the services of a freelance translator. There are freelance professional translators specialising in various fields. Whatever your industry, you’ll probably be able to find a freelance translator who will be able to carry out a quality translation at a lower cost than an agency. However, you are likely to waste a lot of time looking for the person who meets your expectations. Indeed, freelance translators specialising in a specific field are rare and difficult to find.

In addition, these professionals are often in high demand. In fact, the freelance translator of your choice will probably not be available immediately. Finally, the translation time required will generally be much higher than that needed by a translation agency.