In today’s globalized climate, to expand your business onto other markets, translating your website into English is essential. A website available only in Swedish, for example, will only reach one market. By translating into English, the number of visitors and conversion rate will increase significantly. Our team explains the keys to a successful English translation.

Traduire son site en anglais

The importance of English-speaking markets for e-commerce

Shakespeare’s tongue is the first official language in around one hundred countries, making it the most influential language in the world. Translating a website into English enables businesses to expand onto a number of markets, including the world leaders in e-commerce:

Online sales in the USA generate more than 300 billion euros per year
The UK is the leading e-commerce market in Europe, with 110 billion euros of online sales in 2016

Translating your website will open the door to these countries, whose e-commerce sector is growing every day.

Target an international audience

A website in English can open doors beyond strictly anglophone countries. Even if it is not a country’s official language, certain markets use English on the internet. This is the case in Scandinavian countries, where local languages tend not to be used as much on the internet.

On top of that, English is the most widely used language in business exchanges and the second official language of several countries.

A professional translation is paramount

Translating your website into English is not a task to be taken lightly.

It must be carried out by a professional translator who is a native speaker of English, so that your internationalization strategy is successful.

Please note: If you want to target a specific market, opt for a localized translation. For example, if you are aiming to sell in the USA, choose an American translator, as they will know which terms and techniques to use to make your new customers feel at home.

A professional, native-speaker translator is the only way to ensure a good return on investment. Automatic translation and other cheap translation solutions will only harm your reputation and turn out to be counter-productive.

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