Website Content Translation

Are you about to open your website to a new foreign market? Have you chosen to use an external service provider for your website content translation? What a great idea!

In order to help you have the best possible experience, Milega e-translation agency can offer you many tips. In this article, we’ll explain one of our main recommendations: do not send your translation agency all your content in Word format.

Why not submit your translation content in Word format?

To begin with, it’s a tedious solution, which wastes time. Indeed, you’ll first have to extract all the content from your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Wix, etc.) into Word. For the moment, there exists no automatic feature that allows you to extract all the textual content of a site into Word. In fact, if Word format is what you’re looking for, you’ll most likely have to carry out dozens, if not hundreds, of copy-pastes. Separately transferring each individual content from your site into Word is an archaic solution, which will waste a lot of your time.

Moreover, the repetitive nature of this boring task increases the risk of error during handling. This is an option that is absolutely not suitable for large-scale translation projects since it involves processing large volumes of texts.

Separately transferring each individual content from your site into Word is an archaic solution, which will waste a lot of your time.

Transmitting web content via Word will cause you to lose most of the layout formatting

When you copy a web page and paste it into Word, you lose pretty much the entire layout. In fact, when you receive your translated content in Word format, you will have to spend hours integrating the added content by comparing the source language site and the target language site. Again, this is a huge waste of time. Regardless of the type of content, translating your site’s pages and blog posts, as well as your social media content, should be a seamless process so you can focus on other tasks.

How can you submit your content to a translation agency?

The easiest way to have your website translated is to use an efficient translation service. Without doubt, the best partner is a professional translation agency. In general, a good translation agency has professional extraction tools, which also offer the possibility of easily integrating the translated text into the foreign language site. At Milega e-translation agency, we have a particularly effective web content extraction technique. In addition, we test the integration of your translations at the end of the process.

So, you have (almost) nothing to do. All you have to do is send us the URLs of the pages you want translated and we’ll take care of the rest! In addition, using a translation agency ensures that you obtain quality content which is optimised for SEO natural referencing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like further details.