In order to carry out a successful internationalization process, you absolutely must translate the communications of your business: newsletter, emails, brochures… These documents are those which allow you to target and reach new clients in different markets that you are aiming for. Discover our advice for the translation of your newsletter or your email campaign.

How to translate a newsletter or an email campaign

Reach your potential foreign clients

The translation of your newsletter and your commercial emails is an excellent solution to address your potential foreign clients. Your documentation in English is only effective for your English-speaking customers. If you want your communication to be truly effective in each of the countries that you target, invest in a multilingual translation.

Opt for a quality translation

Automatic translation is insufficient for giving out a newsletter or email campaign locally. Customers do not want to receive a translated email campaign, they prefer that you address them directly and in their mother tongue.

The rich lexicality and spelling of your communication documents strongly influence the actions of your mailing list. That’s why your communications must be neat, clear, consistent and of quality.

Target your different markets by localizing your translations

To gain more trust from your foreign recipients, it is important to integrate a cultural dimension into your newsletters. A localized translation or a transcreation will adapt your communication to the local markets while conserving the original intention of your message.

Opt for native translators of countries that you are targeting, who will know perfectly how to attract the attention of your foreign potential customers.

Milega translates your newsletter and your email campaign in a precise and localized way thanks to its network of translators, all of whom are native speakers of the language into which they translate.


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