The online shop creation platform PrestaShop can provide all the tools you need to sell internationally: logistics, payment methods, localization, back office translation in more than 45 languages… The foundations have already been laid for you; you just need to get your content translated.

Simple, quick content extraction

PrestaShop back office content has already been translated into various languages. As for your own, personalized content, you have access to a content extraction module which enables you to send your website in just a few clicks to Milega translation agency, PrestaShop’s official partner, to be translated.

If your catalogue contains hundreds of products, entering the translations into your back office would be a long, laborious process. This is why the module extracts your content in a translatable format so that the Milega team can open it in their professional translation software and translate it, before importing it back into your site quickly and automatically once it has been translated. If you have any non-editable images, don’t forget to send them separately

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The importance of a professional solution

The translation module offered by PrestaShop and Milega is not a machine translation engine. Your content is sent to a professional translation agency that specializes in e-commerce and SEO translation, which will improve your conversion rate on foreign markets and help you to establish your e-commerce site abroad.

Sending your content to Milega to be translated also saves you money, as you will not pay to have any repeated content translated. E-commerce site product catalogues generally consist of around 20%–40% repetition. The translators at Milega use translation memories to automatically identify content that has already been translated. You should not be charged for repetitions.

Constant assistance and regular updates

As an e-retailer, you are bound to make regular updates to your website. The team at Milega offers constant, personalized assistance through a team of translators and project managers who can speak to you in your native language and adapt to the specificities of your project (languages, volume, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.