Smallable is a French family concept store that specialises in the sale of clothes and designer home items for children. Our translation agency, Milega, has taken on the translation of the e-commerce website and marketing documents from French into English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Traduction du site e-tourisme Smallable

As well as children’s clothes and accessories, Smallable offers a range of other products for all the family and home items. The online boutique Smallable sells products by over 700 brands, from independent designers to the biggest names in the world of fashion and design.

How we translate a fashion e-commerce site and its marketing

In the fashion, design and marketing industry, the main goal is to sell. Any fashion e-commerce translation must therefore be of a high quality. The tone used must encourage the reader to buy, so e-commerce translators must have a good head for marketing.

Additionally, to create a feeling of trust with the customer, the website must read perfectly fluidly in the customer’s native language. Customers must feel like they are browsing a shop from their own country.

Last but not least, creativity is key in e-commerce translation. Product descriptions are often stuffed with idiomatic expressions, and the translator must adapt them to the target audience as transparently as possible.

Translating the Smallable e-commerce site

Smallable requested Milega’s services in February 2017 for the translation into English, German, Italian and Spanish both of its website (product descriptions, brand descriptions, interviews, etc.) and its marketing documents.

The client already had a glossary prepared with all the most common and technical terms they used. The most important objective was to provide a natural, native-sounding translation, even if that meant straying from the original text in order to use more idiomatic expressions in the target language.

Finally, the translators consulted the Smallable website in French to identify the “Smallable tone” and recreate it in their language.

Solutions for a SEO e-commerce translation

A project manager and a team of 8 translators were requested for this project (a lead and a secondary translator for each language). The chosen translators are marketing and SEO professionals who specialize in e-commerce.

As well as producing an adapted, creative translation, the translators optimized their translations for search engines; while the quality of the writing is key, SEO content is important to bring visitors to the online shop in the first place.

We are in constant contact with one of the heads of marketing at Smallable, with Skype conferences to clear up any queries and update our glossaries. This continuing collaboration enables us to keep all translations consistent and strengthen links with the client.

As our website is translated into 5 languages and our translation needs grow year after year, we decided to externalise some of our translations in February 2017 to lighten the load on our marketing team, who had taken on all the translation until then.

Milega quickly met our translation, organisation and reactivity needs. We sometimes require more translation in certain periods, and it was important for us to count on a partner that could keep up with the work without needing to be warned weeks in advance.

We have exchanged with several translation agencies, but Milega is the one we would recommend for all growing businesses that need a flexible partner that can adapt to their needs and constraints.

Head of e-Marketing at Smallable

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