Alice’s Garden is a French site that sells garden furniture and outdoor accessories. Since its beginning in 2009, this e-merchant has worked without an intermediary in order to guarantee quality products at the best market price for its customers.

Translation of project pages of Alice’s Garden site

Translating the Alice’s Garden website

Alice’s Garden has requested the services of Milega for the translation mainly of its website, product pages and instruction manuals – into Spanish and English.

The collaboration began in the summer of 2016.

Ever since, Alice’s Garden has sent us new translations on a regular basis. In February of 2018, the e-merchant asked us to translate more than 45,000 words into a new language – Portuguese.

Alice’s Garden has provided us with glossaries and instruments which, combined with our translation memories, allow us to produce precise and harmonized translations.

Alice's Garden Logo

Translation of product pages

Most of the Alice’s Garden project concerns the translation of its product pages. Each of them contains a short or long description, technical characteristics of the product and other information such as the dimensions or the weight.

The product pages are the last pages that the customer visits before conversion. They must be well written and make the reader want to buy your product. For this, your product pages must be written flawlessly. Typos and spelling mistakes are a no-no. Information must be clear and concise, and technical jargon is to be used in moderation in order not to confuse the reader.

It is equally important to consider optimizing the content of the product pages for search engines. Milega’s translators are experts in SEO who use specific methods and specialized tools in order to produce a translation which will improve the natural referencing of the customer’s website.

What the client said

It is with all confidence that I entrust Milega with the translations of our product pages. The deadlines are always met and the translations of quality.
Edouard Sartorius, Country Manager, UK

We have trusted in Milega for 2 years now, both for Spain and Portugal. We are very satisfied with the flexibility, quality and collaboration with the teams.
Pablo Fernández, Country Manager, Spain

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