Translating a Prestashop site

2018-03-14T15:36:07+00:008 February 2018|Our tips section|

The online shop creation platform PrestaShop can provide all the tools you need to sell internationally: logistics, payment methods, localization, back office translation in more than 45 languages… The foundations have already been laid for you; you just need to get your content translated. […]

The 3 biggest e-commerce trends of 2017

2018-05-08T12:54:52+00:001 February 2018|Our tips section|

The e-commerce sector is constantly growing and innovating, as evidenced by 2017 e-commerce statistics. A huge 82% of individuals in the UK purchased online in 2017, the highest percentage in the EU*. We present the 3 e-commerce trends that have set the industry alight in 2017. […]

How to create the perfect product page

2018-03-14T14:57:32+00:0023 January 2018|Our tips section|

Our translation agency collaborates with e-commerce sites everyday, translating all their content, product pages and back office. With all this experience behind us, our team has an excellent grasp of the best practices when creating and translating effective product pages. […]

The dangers of translation errors and how to react

2018-05-08T12:56:53+00:0016 January 2018|Our tips section|

The only way to establish your business successfully on international markets is through a professional translation. If your site content does not read fluently in your target market’s language, you cannot create a sense of trust with your potential customers. Find out how to deal with translation errors in your content. […]

The importance of translation in the e-tourism sector

2018-03-20T11:10:00+00:0020 December 2017|Our tips section|

Tourism is one of the most important and lucrative industries in the world; in France, the most visited country in the world, it represents 7.1% of the GDP*. If you have a website dedicated to tourism, translating it into your customers’ languages is crucial. Find out what our professional team has to say about e-tourism translation. […]

Smallable: translating a fashion e-commerce site

2018-05-08T12:55:12+00:0029 November 2017|Our translations section|

Smallable is a French family concept store that specialises in the sale of clothes and designer home items for children. Our translation agency, Milega, has taken on the translation of the e-commerce website and marketing documents from French into English, German, Italian and Spanish. […]

Meet the expert SEO translator

2018-03-20T11:07:38+00:0021 November 2017|Our translations section|

A professional SEO translation of your website gives you the best possible chance of success on your new markets, each with its own unique language and culture. Find out more about these specialist SEO translators, their training and the tools they use to translate and optimize your website. […]

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